Our darling Buster has now been in foster care, looking for a home, for over a year

We have assessed him a lot throughout his time in care and have changed his needs as we have gotten to know him, but of course now, a year in, we are certain of what this darling boy needs...

Buster is about to hit is 11th ish Birthday.

He came into care terrorised by other cats, a dog attack that caused awful injuries to him and huge stress issues.

He has though, always been the sweetest and most gentle of boys, hes such a love bug

Buster must have a home with no other cats or Dogs. He can live with well behaved children, who are gentle with him.

Buster hates to be left alone and this causes him his upsets at times. He does need a home where someone is home almost all of the time, and when out, a "safe room" such as a kitchen with a tiled floor etc in case he gets himself in an upset pickle, which happens so very infrequently and only when left for a long period of time.

Buster will not often sit on a lap, but he will sit as close as he can to you on the sofa, in bed, and paws at you and purr for loves and fuss

He loves to play with his toy mices.

He could possibly be indoor only, but he does, once settled, love to zoom about a garden and enjoy some sun bathing!

Due to his dog attack and injuries, Buster cant jump very high at all, so needs indoor only or a secure garden.

Buster is a dream boy, so loving, so handsome, and craves company.

If you feel you could offer Buster the perfect forever home, please do message us (comments can be missed) and tell us more about the home you could offer him.

Buster is currently in foster care in Harwich, Essex. He is vet checked, Neutered, Micro-chipped, up to date on his flea and worm treatments and will use his litter tray.