Tom and Jerry

These two gorgeous brothers looking for a home together in/around the Ipswich area. They are in care of our dear fellow rescue friends @bettys boarders.

Approx 3 years old, Neutered, chipped, flea/worm treated. They have been with us such a long time now and are so ready to find a home of their own.

Tom & Jerry were rescued as kittens from a poisoning campaign on the streets of Cairo. Sadly, they were the only 2 of the colony that were saved. They clearly have Egyptian Mau heritage as they are both very clever, inquisitive, noisy little boys.

After being a bit hissy & spitty to start, they have learnt to trust us & are now super sweet, little fussy pants. They are not lap cats or pick me up & cuddle me cats, but they love attention and  having their heads, backs & tummies rubbed when we are in the cattery with them.  They really do have the funniest characters when you know them. They are typical little young males, always running around & climbing the mesh like little monkeys!!

Ideally they would be homed to an adult only home, or a home with slightly older, patient children as they will take time to settle in and would probably be very wary of and not interested in younger children.

They will need access to a safe outside space once settled, so need a home away from any busy roads, train lines, rivers, busy alleyways, etc as they really do like to explore, they would LOVE a semi-rural home, or somewhere with large, low fenced gardens they can bob in and out of. They are being allowed out of the run during the day now, to burn off some of their energy and have adventures, as they were getting so fed up of being shut in. They are such good boys and have never ventured too far away from "home". 

They are not good with other cats, especially Jerry. Through fear, he dislikes other cats and will happily chase off and fight the biggest/scariest or the most laid back of cats, so they will definitely need to be only cats. Furthermore, we would not home them to an area where there is a high population of neighbourhood cats. As far as dogs are concerned, they have not been dog tested.

Tom & Jerry are bonded & love to play together, fight with each other and curl up together for naps so will only be homed as a pair. If you think these could be the boys for you, please contact us and tell us more about the home you can offer them.

Home check & adoption donation apply