Dear man Skipper arrived in care with Paws after being found and taken to the vets as a long term local stray. His war wounds, scars, abcess to his face and poor fur condition showed this boy had been on the streets a while, and fighting to survive.

He was scared. Skipper was also tested positive for FIV, which in short, is not the end of the world, by no means!; but, does mean he will need an indoor only home from now on, OR a home with a secure catio / pen he can use to get some fresh air.

Skipper is fine being in, clearly loving the attention, care and fuss. Hes come on from being a scared boy to a complete snuggle puss! Purrs like a train and eager and happy to have a stroke and company.

Skipper has now been neutered, micro chipped, flea and worm treated. He has had his front canine teeth removed as they were snapped.

Aside the FIV, Skippers in great shape! His fur is coming back to a beautiful condition, and his tip of his tail is mending, though he will need anothe rvet check for this before homing. His abcesses have healed lovely on his face.

Skipper uses his tray beautifully.

Skipper is around 10-12 years young.

Skipper will need a home as the only cat due to his FIV, or, potentially with another FIV cat, with gentle, slow introduction.

He has not been around children before, but his manner suggests to us he could live with well behaved children, but ideally older children... Skipper we feel wants a quiet life!

Ideally, we feel Skipper needs a restful home now, after his ordeal on the streets, a nice quiet home, he can relax, just be, enjoy lots of love and attention, and a warm comfy bed ot sleep on at night.

Skipper is currnetly in our care in Harwich, Essex.

If you feel you could offer Skipper the perfect, indoor home, please do message us and tell us more. Homecheck applies and adoption donation (£60) is kindly asked.