Scrappy came into care just before Christmas, in a terrible state. He had a severe blocked colon, an undiagnosed mass, and was blind from severe cat flu, untreated. He was incredibly hissy and spitty, as so scared, he couldnt see. He was so sick.
After many months of care, Scrappy is now Physically well.
His colon is working beautifully, his mass was x-rayed, seen to by specialists and we cant see anything nasty with it.
His eyes were so bad he had to have surgery on each eye to remove the bottom half of his eyelids, so he could see again and be pain free again.
Scrappy has always hissed and spat, whilst he couldnt see, but has never been aggressive.
Scrappy is now well. Thank goodness.
He purrs, he looks for head rubs and comfort.
He however, hates the sight of a carrier, etc, as hes been in and out of the vets more times than we can count.
He has always hissed (as a form of communication) but has now the last few weeks, started to get really grumpy with anyone entering his pen.....
We understand this. This is his safe haven now. He can see now. If behind his "pen" he will rub himself against the wires and have head bops.
Scrappy is now well, but now suffering "cabin fever"... he needs out, he needs a home, he needs someone there for him. He craves love, but still unsure what to do with it when he gets it!
Scrappy needs a home with a cat experienced new mum or dad. Someone to take some time with him, give him his space, but yet, give him all the love he needs.
Scrappy seems fine with other cats, BUT, this would have to be done very carefully and gradually, or, he would be fine as the only cat.
Scrappy needs time, patience and love. He is likely to be a little unpredictable for a little while yet. Not because hes "nasty", but because hes been to hell and back. He IS a loving, beautiful boy.
He is NOT feral, or semi feral, in no way. He does need a HOME.
A home with lots of time and patience. He will be a lap cat, we are sure in a few weeks, in a home environment, with space and care.
Scrappy has lived for many months, years outside, he will need access to the outside, once settled, away from busy main roads.
He is neutered, chipped, flea and worm treated, FIV/FELV free, he uses his tray beautifully.
Have you the most extra special home to offer Scrappy?? The home he deserves. The experience, time and not to be phased by the odd hiss and spit whilst he settles?
(of course, we cant home Scrappy with children, it wouldnt be fair on him or them)
If you have the perfect home to offer this super special boy, then please do message us and tell us more.
Scrappy is around 6 years old.
Homecheck applies. Adoption donation is kindly asked (minimum £60), Scrappy is currently in care with us in Harwich, Essex.