Sammy originally came into care well over a year ago. Sadly, very sadly, after his doting Mummy passed away.

Sammy had only ever been used to being at home with his Mum, a quiet home and lifestyle and his world was turned upside down.

Sammy came into care and started as being so very very coy and shy, and grumbly (who could blame him) but soon learnt to accept fuss and a stroke and relaxed.

Sammy was adopted but in his new home, as expected, was very very shy and coy.

After 4 weeks in his new home, Sammy went out to explore and vanished for a YEAR!! Yes, sadly, a Year!! We all had no idea where he went, if he was ok, everything was done to find him....

A couple of weeks back, we all had the wonderful news Sammy had been found! He had appeared a few weeks before at a gents home, asking for shelter and food bless him. His Micro-chip reunited us.

During the year that had passed when Sammy had vanished, his new adopters circumstances had changed and Sammy is now back into care with us.

Of course, he was scared again and shy bless him, but with lots of intense love and fuss from his foster Mum again, two days ago, Sammy once again found his "Purr".

Sammy is a darling boy. Hes around 12 years old. In great health, neutered, chipped, once again up to date on flea and worm treatments and uses a litter tray beautifully.

Sammy is initially a shy boy but once he gets to know you, he is such a love bug! He loves attention and fuss, and head bops and plays with his toys. Maybe not so keen on being picked up and a lap cat, but certainly could be your best Pa with so much love to give.

He's a big gentle giant who just wants what he lost... a quiet, stable home, with fuss and care and no expectations of him.

Sammy will need an experienced cat home, who will give him the space and time, and reassurance, he needs to settle and also the regular strokes, loves and fusses as he settles to let him know all is ok.

Sammy has had such a tough last 18 months and just wants to "cat", relax, and be loved.

Could you offer our darling boy a forever home?

Sammy needs a home where, after settling he can go outside, away from any busy main roads / train tracks etc

Sammy can not live with other cats or dogs.

Sammy is best suited in a quiet home with no young children.

Sammy is currently in care in Harwich, Essex.

Homecheck applies and an adoption donation of £75 is kindly asked.

If you feel you could offer Sammy all he needs, please do contact us and tell us all about the home you could offer him