Hello, My name is Sammy.
I'm around 12 years old.
My life story started MANY years ago, I was a young stray cat, no home, no owner, likely my few years lived on the streets, and a kind older lady started to feed me and, love me.
She gained my trust and over time, I adored her. She adored me. I was still VERY wary of other people, but I loved her.
She had me neutered, chipped, FIV/FeLV checked, and I lived with her, and became "her boy"
Many years later, but only a few years ago, My new Mum passed away. I was lost without her. I was on my own in the home for a few months, I didn't like anyone else coming in, I trusted no one else, I was never "nasty" just so scared of all these people I didn't know. I missed my Mum. Who knew to love me, from "afar" and not over whelm me, or expect too much from me. She loved me for who I was.
So, around 18 months ago, I was taken to Paws and Mittens to be looked after. To find a new home. I was sad. I was shy. I was coy. My world had been turned upside down.
I made huge progress with my foster Mummy Yvette and soon, they found a new forever home for me, so trusted me to be a brave boy, a loving home... and I went, and I hid, and I hid, and I hid... I was just so sad still. And after 6 weeks in my new loving home, but a home wanting me to fuss and maybe cuddle, I panicked, and I ran
I was missing for nearly a year!? Paws were distraught, my new Mum was distraught! Where was i? Was I OK? They hunted high and low for me....
And 4 months ago.. guess what!? I found an elderly man who used to feed the cats..... I wasn't far from "home" at all... I'd been a trooper and survived the months on the streets but was drawn again to love, trust, a feeder, food, warmth, someone who didn't expect to much of me...
The kind gent wanted to keep me to look after always, sadly he couldn't and thankfully he had me scanned for a chip! And Paws were so relived to have found me! and I was safe!
I went back and was back in the safe, warm, but again, shy, coy, and I'd had a tough time...
Paws scratched and scratched their heads, and talked to me for hours on end.... what did I want? What would make me happy?
Yvette has spent 3 months with me now, and with the slowest of re introductions and quiet times with her, I PLAY! I love to play with my mouse! I've now learn to cuddle! But, you know, as much as I love the ones I trust, I'm not a "people" cat at all.
I love that you feed me, and treat my fleas and worms, and look out for me, but do I want people around me all the time? Not really I just Love to Cat! I just want "to be" Though I am loving a quick (i mean a quick!) cuddle with Yvette now and then.
Yvette has fallen in love with me all over again, and I hear them talk... do I need a family home, in a house with hustle and bustle of family life? They don't think so and I may run again
Do I deserve a life on a farm with NO interaction, vet care, love at all? NO!
I need a happy medium. So they say! And I'm trusting them on this one!
I need, a rural home.
Yes, a stable, yard, farm, cottage in the sticks. With NO expectations of cuddles under a blanket or on the sofa watching "strictly!", but I WILL, in time, like some contact, some fuss, attention and of course, 100% medical care, flea and worm treatments, good food for breakfast and Tea and a really warm, safe, secure space to sleep and dream.
I need a "half-way house" between a feral out to fend for themselves and a cat who is in a house with hustle and bustle.... (BUT! The option to be the hustle and bustle cat if and when I may decide to be so!)
These photos are last week, of me and my foster Mummy Yvette, looking out of my pen window to her garden.. I have my huge pen, my outside run, but not my freedom just now.
If her cats would accept me, she would adopt me in a heart beat.
I'm having cuddles with her and she and Paws are promising me, they will find my perfect home soon.
I hope so.
I'm such a beautiful boy.
I am neutered, vet checked, Micro-chipped, fully up to date on flea and worm treatments, I can use a litter tray beautifully...
Have you the rural, understanding, perfect home to offer me please? If so, please MESSAGE Paws and Mittens and tell them more.
I'm currently in foster care in Harwich, Essex. Homecheck applies and adoption donation of £75 would be kindly asked.
Please share for me,
Lots of love,