Beautiful Pennie came into care mid January 2019 after her elderly owner sadly passed away on Boxing day.

Pennie was distraught. Unsure what was happening, and had lost the only person she had ever loved and bonded with. Pennie came from a rescue quite young to her Mum, and had always been painfully shy of strangers, yet so loving to her her mum and enjoyed lap times and fusses.

Dear Pennie.... shes been in care 6 weeks now.... 4 of those weeks shes been hiding in an igloo, so unsure of what has happened to her, and missing her mum, her home............ :( 

Bu the last few weeks, shes learnt Im (her feeder / carer) means her no harm, in fact I just want to love her too, and make her feel better, and the last few days... shes out! From hiding, and shes having a love, and tonight a purr as she ate her tea :) 

Pennie is such a fragile, gorgeous girl. She really is delightful.

She needs a QUIET home, a really quiet home, ideally with an older lady / gent... someone who will be more than happy to give her time to settle and adjust.... she will go into any new home and hide again for a few weeks, but she will come around eventually.

Shes never been vicious, shes just been sacred.

Pennie needs a home with either an older person / couple....... someone to sit and listen to the radio to, or watch TV with... she will be a lap cat once she trusts.

Someone who is cat savvy and will give her that time to settle.

Although she had outside access before, we MAY consider an indoor only home as she has expressed no interest in going out to her outside pen at all since being here.

Pennie is a darling, she is neutered, micro-chipped, flea and worm treated, shes uses her litter tray beautifully....

Have you a perfect home for Pennie? If so, please do message us. Shes sad in care, she needs a home, a sofa and a radio and some love <3 xx (and sardines! She loves sardines!)

Pennie is around 8/9 years young.

Pennie is currently in care in Harwich, Essex. Homecheck applies and adoption donation (£60) is kindly asked.