March 10, 2019

Sweetest babies, "Orca" and "Joseph" FINALLY trapped for neuter and Spay! Little monkeys! But now they are done and dusted for neuter and chip and ready for next stage rehab! 

February 28, 2019

A little update for you! *** Orca ***

Can you remember Mummy cat and two kittens we took in over New Years Eve?

Kittens SO feral! (Mum gorgeous!) Well, Mummy cat, Bethany has now been neutered, and chipped. The babies.... well.... they've been monkeys! Twice booked in for neuter, TWICE they have sat ON the traps in the pen, NEXT to the traps in their pen, so we are trying AGAIN next Friday!

But; they are gaining trust and with that, I've been able to sneak a peak at their behinds, and sex them............ and this little one.. the braver of the two, I do know for sure is a gorgeous little girl! So we have named her Orca!

Isn't she just gorgeous! She's so funny, such a stubby, confident little madam!

She's getting very close to me now on feeds, and walking past my bent legs, in the pen cleaning out, strutting her stuff to get to the outside pen! She made me melt copying her mumma a few days ago, rolling around on her tummy as her mum did with me close by

She's a long way to go, still "feral", but she's doing well! She's so gorgeous and now you have a name, beautiful Orca. (fingers crossed you'll go IN the trap Friday for your neuter little one!!)

Attached photo of the day she was trapped and 6 weeks on, watching over me cleaning out her pen, roof top high!

** Paws and Mittens has a strict rehab policy, that we will never impose ourselves on feral cats or kittens during rehabilitation periods. We will AlWAYS allow them to come to us. We know rehab of young kittens to adults, can take anything from 6 - 24 months. NO matter how long this takes, and we will never give up on them x **

January 5, 2019

**Hissy Kitty to Beth ** Trapped 24 hours after Mummy. Not sexed yet, just placed back with Mum now in care.  Safe and warm. Approx 7/8 weeks old. very feral, will now go under feral rehab.