Minstrel.... Our darling boy. who has been with us for nearly 4 months....

Minstrel has some "issues".. but none that can't be fixed, nor none that are his fault...

We have hazy knowledge of his past..... we DO know Minstrel was attacked by a dog(s) in the past, we DO know he was left behind in a house move 3-4 years ago, we DO know he has been living on the streets until he came into care here, in October 2017... hes had a real tough time of it.

Minstrel is a sweetheart. Hes kind, and gentle, he wants in, and he wants warm, and he wants a home.

However, Minstrel WILL likely go into any new environment and spray.... because, thats what hes had to do for so many years on the streets, and so many years scared.

He IS neutured, but hes worried all the time, when he is settling. So, he sprays, or urinates at the not so best places. (whilst using his tray for poops and most other wees)

We have had Minstrel at the vets, his urine sampled, he isnt unwell. Its a coping mechanism he has.

Minstrel HAS stopped spraying the last month, in his own "isolated" accomodation, but even that too took a few weeks for him to be safe in himself, to stop the occasional spray.

Hes not being "naughty", hes had has SUCH a rough ride, as soon as he feels secure, he wants to claim a new, safe area as his own,he WILL do it.... BUT, it will NOT go on forever.

Minstrel is 9 years old.

Hes spent 3+ years on the street.

Hes spent MONTHS in care.

He wants and needs a mum or dad to love him, to NOT let him down, and he needs to run around free again, once he is settled.

We are SURE the spraying will stop if the only cat, and once he can go outside, and once he knows he is settled and loved.

Minstrel has SO much love to give. He needs someone super special to step up and offer him a home, and the time he needs to relax again. to be loved again, by a family.

Minstrel cant be placed with young children as he has the very occasional "swipe" when worried, its only a small "swipe" again, hes never once hurt us, but we believe sadly based on a not so nice past.... :(

Minstrel will need a home with no other cats, or of course dogs....

We HAVE to be honest in our posts, we want all homes to be forever homes....

Minstrel IS a gorgeous gorgeous boy, and we love the bones of him, he really needs someone special to see this and give him the time and love he needs and craves..... Its all he wants..... hes a special super star.

Please share... lets get this boy "home" <3 xx Humans have really let him down before, lets show him we arent all the same xx

Minstrel needs:

A loving mum / dad <3
A safe room, ideally with washable floors until he can go out / is happy
No young childen
No other pets
Love and, dreamies.. ( he loves dreamies!)

Minstrel is neutered, chipped, vet checked, flea and worm treated, litter trained (apart from the odd spray!), he has had SIX (6) teeth removed in a recent dental, bless him, and is in foster in Harwich, Essex.

Homecheck and adoption donation applies.

Please share for Minstrel.... he deserves a home, so very much. Our gorgeous purring boy <3