Hello, My name is Dillon.
I'm THE best boy in the whole world (or so my foster Mummy and Daddy tell me)
I was an incredibly sad surrender, my previous Mum and Dad loved me SO much, but for many years my Big bossy brother terrorised me and upset me a lot at times, and I was scared of Children, and though I loved my parents so much, I often, for many years, displayed behaviours in the house that any cat savvy person knew, was only because I was upset and scared at times.
I used to have accidents  And my previous mum and dad did try everything, but it was finally apparent, the ONLY thing to make me feel better was to be away from the other cat and the children. SO they made the heart breaking decision for them, but the best decision for me.
I've been in foster care for two months now, and I've not had ONE accident. (Ok, ONE on my first night but I hadn't worked out where my tray was!) But then on and ever since, I'm SUCH a good boy!
I live in a rescue pen, but my foster Mum and Dad give me time in their house and I love it and I wonder about and fall asleep on their laps watching TV etc.
I'm a SUPER confident cat with adults. I LOVE people, any people! I LOVE a Tummy tickle, a lap to sit on, I purr all the time and just LOVE fuss  I also Love to play!
My foster Mum and Dad love me so much, but they can't have me " for keeps" as they have a cat who's a big lala too with other cats, or they would adopt me in a heartbeat.
I'm Dillon.
I'm 6 years old.
I'm THE bestest boy.