Meet Darling Cookie.

Cookie is a VERY UNIQUE Girl. Her background, sadly not quite so.... left behind in a house move, well over a year ago... she's been on the streets ever since, fending for herself, in the cold...

Now safe at Paws, Cookie was, of course, taken straight to the vets for neuter, check over and chip (we had 100% confirmation from previous owner that she was never neutered, and have no reason to sadly doubt this fact.... )

On Spay op.. no uterus was found, so we (and the vets) decided to investigate further. Cookie was also "opened up" on her tummy area... no uterus.... no obvious signs of previous spay..... of course, no obvious testes... (one in 4,000 torties are male), BUT, small, small signs, on pressure, showed possible male organs (not reproductive)......Cookie IS unique! One in a many thousand! She has no reproductive organs, BUT shes ok! He's ok, she's ok.... he's ok...? :)  No babies, no future issues with pregnancy, just a beautiful special kitty. The condition is rare, but when found, mostly found in Torties, like Cookie. Cookie had a huge op to work this out, and she's recovered beautifully.

She is a Typical tortie in the sense that, shes is THE most loving sweet girl, but on her terms. She loves people, she purrs like a train, she loves a head rub, a neck scratch.. but not so keen on being picked up... not so keen on "over zealous" fusses.

Shes an absolute beautiful girl and would be an awesome companion for someone.  We are sure she would love to sit next to someone on a sofa all day and relax, or chill out on a bed all day to relax, to welcome someone home from a hard days work with her "chirrups" and head bops.

Cookie is LOVING being "home", warm. A bed, a room.... rather than a hedge or a bush she has been used to for the last year +

She's a delight. Cookie has been now vet checked, micro-chipeed, she uses her tray beautifully, BUT she WILL need outside access when settled, away from any busy main roads.

Cookie is up to date on her flea and worm treatments.

Cookie is 4 years young.

Could you offer Cookie a forever home? A home with ideally no other pets (Cookie is not cat or dog tested, but we believe she really would like to be the only pet)..... Ideally no young children.. as said, she's SO loving, but not so keen on being picked up etc....

Cookie is currently in care in Harwich, Essex.

Adoption donation (£60) applies and homecheck.

Please, message us if you feel you could offer Cookie a forever home, and tell us more.

Thank you.

P.s - This is Cookies usual pose at Breakfast, Lunch and supper time... Paws on my lap..... "Please Aunty Paws, stop taking photos of my gorgeous face!! Feed me!!!" - Cookie loves her food :) xx She will soon learn every meal is no longer her last, bless her :( xx