Chigley, Trumpton and Summer


Hi! We are Summer, Trumpton and Chigley and we have been in care for almost 2 years!

WAY back in June 2018, Paws took three young cats into care. Summer, (Mummy cat) was a feral cat, she'd never had a home before and found herself, at 7 months old, on the streets with two kittens.

Summer came in with her babies, Trumpton and Chigley (who were both around 7 weeks old) and ALL were hissing, spitting, and scared.

Paws has worked tirelessly in the last 18 months with this trio.. this HUGELY BONDED Trio.... and they've come on leaps and bounds...

Mummy cat Summer (bottom left) is still super nervous of strangers, but will give us head bops and allow the occasional stroke. She's not "nasty" in any way shape or form and doesn't spit or hiss but she's SUPER coy.

Top right is Tabby Trumpton, now over a year old!  Again, he's super shy of strangers and wont go near, but isn't nasty When on our own he will head bop, fuss, have strokes, and purr. He's so funny! He's the "character" of the group! Just delicious! Daft as a brush!

Lastly Chigley (top left). When with me he will fuss, purr, allow picking up.... hes just a dream.. but if a stranger appears, he will run for the hills!!!

All 3 have come so far and have all spent nearly two years in care. I've got them as far as they will come being contained in a run, but now they need a special home to take them to the next level.

They need a home with 

  • lots of space.. a rural home ideally, but to have a home.. a sofa, or a bed...
  • Someone who is willing to keep them safe in a spare room, a safe room for a good few weeks / months until they settle...
  • Someone who knows in time, they WILL be the most loving cats.. I've seen it, I know it.. but they will revert intilally.
  • Someone with the space, time and patience of a saint. They are NOT feral, they are rehabilitated ferals....
  • no children

I will not separate them, they love each other SO SO much  bless them. They head bop each other all the time, and curl up to sleep with each other.

If you have a space, a loving home with no children, a good sized "safe" room and lots of love and patience and could offer these babies and their Mumma a home, PLEASE do message us and tell us more.

They could live with other cats with gentle intros. They've seen over 100 other cats come and go whilst in care.  Bless them. (They love other cats and are so welcoming)

Summer, Trumps and Chiggers are currently in foster care in Harwich, , Essex.

Home check applies as always and an adoption fee of £100 is kindly asked for the trio.

They are all vet checked, neutered / spayed, micro-chipped, and up to date on flea and worm treatments. They all use a tray beautifully. (And can use a cat-flap)

They WILL need a rural / semi rural location as they are not used to roads as they have pretty much been in care their entire lives.