Chester came into care WAY back, on Christmas Eve, 2019.

He had been feeding in a friends garden for many months, all through a savage winter, the start of lock down. SO SO SHY , he wouldn't get close, but to feed.

He was getting in a state and despite all posts being put out and a tentative scan for a chip... nothing.

The weather was horrific, and on Christmas Eve, we made a n emergency space and got him in. (Easy enough to do, he was sleeping in a make-shift shelter / carrier in the ladies garden and had been sleeping in it for weeks)

Long story short, Chester has taken over a YEAR to gain our trust!

He is NOT feral, by no means, BUT he was / is super traumatised and refused touch, love, all this time. NOT by lashing out, but by vocalsing and hiding. Darling boy.

But we did not, and would not, give up on him.

After many months of letting him settle as much as we could to get him in a carrier again, Chester was at the vets to be neutered, chipped, tested for FIV and FeLV (both negative!) and also a huge dental (12 teeth removed)

After this, we slowly slowly slowly started to see more progress....

Chester was in a partition, next to our main haven with our "forever fosters", gentle cats and through the wires as such has never shown any malice to other cats.

A good few months ago, he was allowed in with them and the outside space / run and hes flourished. As "flourished" as we can say chester had! He was out and about in the run, enjoying the sunshine, mingling with the others beautifully but still wouldn't let me touch him...

AND THEN, THIS CHRISTMAS happened, and Chester turned a corner, a switch went off! All of a sudden...

Chin rubs, head bops, strokes, loves! And I mean HUGE head bops! HUGE purrs! HUGE Fuss!! 

Can I pick him up yet? No. But can I love and fuss him lots? Yes!!!

Chester is such a beautiful boy and such a handsome boy! But he's taken over 12 months to trust me!

So, a new home....

Is he ready? Well. Its now or never! I 100% think Chester could go to a PERFECT new home, and YES he WILL hide for a few weeks, but if this home is perfect, with some time and love, in time he will be the most loving friend you could ever wish for!

So, what does Chester need?

A super understanding home. You may not be able to see Chester before homing as likely he will hide from you.

A super understanding home. Chester will likely hide for a good few days, weeks in a new home.

A home with a "safe room" Chester can have to settle for as long as he likes.

Other cats? Yes. Chester could live with other placid cats with very gentle introductions. He's NEVER shown any aggression to the other 3 cats in the haven he shares.

Children? Ideally NOT. Chester is a massive Lala and needs space and time and peace and quiet. Teenagers glued to the XBOx would be fine!

Dogs? Best not. He's not dog tested and would maybe far to much for him.

Indoor or outdoor? Before coming into rescue, we assume / believe Chester has had outside access, He loves his run outside. He will need outside access once settled away from any busy main roads or train tracks or a large enclosed garden / Catio.

Chester is currently in foster care in Harwich, Essex.

We are asking an adoption donation of £75.

If you feel you may meet all the criteria to offer Chester his perfect, forever home, please do message us and tell us all about you and the home you could offer him!

Chester is around 10-11 years old. He is now neutered, microchipped, fully up to date on flea and worm treatments and using his litter tray beautifully