PLEASE read Brays write up carefully before messaging to enquire to adopt.. he's a special boy, with special needs.....

Bray came into care 3 months ago. He was first brought to our attention via a late night phone call, as a deceased road traffic accident, having been hit numerous times by cars. Minutes later, we had another call, upon moving him out of the road, he was alive! Bray was rushed to the out of hours vet and, remarkably, after 24 hours on oxygen and given a chance to come around, he was ok!! Not a single injury (absolute miracle)!

Bray then came to us. He was not chipped or neutered and had no collar. He was a gentle boy and had clearly once been owned, but he was very nervous..... understandable after his ordeal!!!

Bray has been in an isolated pen for the last 3 months as he loves some cats but not others.  He's very easily spooked. He clearly wants love and fuss, but any sudden moves and noises, he panics.

Over the last few weeks, (due to a change in cats in the adjoining pen), Bray has had more freedom and is out with the others. He is now loving lap time with me in the evenings. He's delicious. He purrs, pummels, loves a lap and gives me beautiful kisses but he is still very jumpy and hides from strangers. Most of this MUST be the cattery environment and his road traffic accident.

Bray needs a home that is 100% understanding to his traumatic past, and who will take things so very slowly with him. He has NOT a bad bone in body. He's never scratched, bitten etc, but can hiss at times when super stressed or having a "panic." He's such a gentle soul who needs a new home, soon..... a new home with NO other cats... NO young children, a quiet home with NO huge "hustle and bustle"... Just a quiet home, with an understanding new Mum, Dad or both, who will give him time, space, love to settle, to understand he may spend a few days / weeks hiding and getting used to a new environment and then a quiet comfy lap to sit on and "pummel and purr" once settled... and then, we just know he will be the most delightful of boys.

He is SUPER friendly, just "on edge" now bless him.

When he's calm, he's a dream, a real dream and that's all he wants.

Bray is around 2-3 years old.

Hes now been neutered, chipped, vet checked, flea and worm treated, FIV/FELV tested negative.

He uses a tray beautifully. But he will need outside access once settled, away from any busy main roads.

Beautiful Bray is currently in foster care with us in Harwich.

Home check applies, and standard adoption donation of £60 is kindly asked.

If you feel you may be suited to adopt our darling boy, do please message us and tell us more.