We do appreciate this is NOT the best photograph of our darling, gorgeous, girl!! Taken soon after her Spay, vet check... and not long after rescue, she still looked a bit battered and bruised bless her! (She had been living stray all winter) BUT, getting a photograph of Bethany is TOUGH!!!

Why? Because shes a massive smooch! The minute we enter her pen, shes in your face for kisses, and knocking the phone out of your hand for fusses and loves.... so please be assured, her little face is all clean and clear and healed, and also be aware photos of Bethany in the future will be an issue as shes stupidly soppy and loving! ;) 

Bethany came into care late last year, clearly an ex-domestic, maybe left in a house move (?) who had given birth to two dear babies under a cold shed. She was malnourished, skin and bones her self, full of fleas and worms, and starving hungry, but had looked after her babies beautifully, and continued to do so once we got her, and her babies all safely in care.

Her babies were then about 6/8 weeks old. And were and still are, "feral" and now 16 weeks old, are being neutered / spayed this week (March 2019) but have a long way to go in regards to rehabilitation before they can be homed.

Bethany loves her babies, but as they are growing old, the "novelty" is wearing off, and we know if we wait until they are rehabilitated, then finding a home for all three to stay together will be tough. Really tough. And Bethany needs in a home, a loving home, she's more than ready.

Bethany is only around 2 years old. She's an INCREDIBLY loving, sweet, gentle girl.

She purrs for England, loves a fuss, and cuddle and tummy rub......

She doesn't like other cats (apart from her babies!) we do know that, so she would have to be the only cat in the home.

She could live with children, but well-mannered, cat friendly children, with gentle introductions.

Bethany likes to be outside in the sunshine, so will need a home with outside access, once settled, away from any busy main roads.

Bethany is now spayed, micro-chipped, vet checked, she's fully up to date on her flea and worm treatments.

She will need a home where she has a fair amount of company, especially as she will be leaving without her babies. She is a very sociable girl, so wouldn't really feel happy in a home left for long periods of time without a fuss and companionship.

Bethany is currently in care with us in Harwich, Essex.

If you feel you have a suitable home and family for Bethany, please do message us and tell us more.

Homecheck applies and an adoption donation of £60 is kindly asked.