Benji and Mojo

This darling duo have been in care for almost a year come February 2020. They came into care as a family of 4..... Mum cat, Buttercup, her two, then young, babies, Mojo and Blossom, and who we think is "Dad", Benji. It was clear from the start Benji (Dad) was an ex domestic, not "As" feral as the others and clearly not been on the streets ALL of his life. They were all bought in after trapping and, of course, neutered / spayed, vet checked, and then the work began.... Buttercup and Blossom are REAL ferals and are taking a HUGE amount of time to rehab, (but they WILL get there and ARE making progress), but Benji and his son Mojo, took to rehab much more quickly....

A year on, Benji is a snug bug with his foster Mummy and Daddy. He purrs, he rubs and fusses and is just a dream. He's of course shy of strangers initially, but WILL come out to for treats! (He's very treat driven!) His dear Son, Mojo, took a little longer, but he's now loving and sweet and gentle and happy with his foster Mum and Dad and will allow touch and fuss. (BUT still incredibly shy of strangers)

The boys are incredibly bonded. I would not want to ever separate them. Mojo trusts his Dad, and if Dad is happy.. Mojo is happy.

The boys are as far as they will come in care (after one whole year!) They need a home now to finish the last stages and just be, and be loved and settled.

Any new home for the boys will need to be a very quiet home, no children ideally, no dogs. They are ok with other cats, but ideally it would just be "the boys".

They need a really understanding home who will give them all the space and time and love they need. A home with a spare room / conservatory etc for a good few weeks that they can settle, relax and get used to new people and new surroundings. A home with NO expectations for a good few weeks.

These boys ARE gorgeous, they DO have 100% the potential to be THE most loving cats, they just need a chance.

Mojo and Benji are neutered, microchipped, flea and worm treated, they use a litter tray beautifully.

They will need a home away from any busy main roads, after of course a time in to settle.

Mojo and Benji have come so far and have done so well with the love and care of their foster Mummy... its time they went home ❤

They are young boys, Benji only around 2 years old, and his boy Mojo, around a year and a half.

Home check applies.

We kindly ask an adoption donation of £100 for the boys. Currently in foster care in Harwich, Essex.

If you feel you have the perfect home for Benji and Mojo, do please message us and tell us more! (location, postcode, any children, and other pets etc)

Thank you xx

NB: This is the only photo we have of the boys together, and when Benji Boo-boo had a poorly eye!!! Its all better now!!