Our current, longest, resident, waiting for a forever home. Please please share her story, we want nothing more than her to find her special home.

Babs has been in care since June 2015. She came into a vets care, having been hit by a car. Her owners were never found.  

We do not know her history, but what we do know is that Babs is unsettled with new people. Initially.  We never hide any thing from adopters, and have always been crystal clear with what to expect from Babs, hence why we think she has not had any real enquiry about her in all these months. And it's sad. Because she IS such a beautiful girl.

As she is now, having been with us for months and months, we know she is THE most loving girl. She purrs like a train all the time, she will sit on a lap, she will give kisses.

How is Babs on week 1 or 2 in New home...? She swears! A lot! And she gets scared! And she swears lots more.....she gets very unsure in new surroundings, but, it passes, it REALLY does. Within 1-2 weeks, in the right home, with a cat-savvy new mum or dad, you will see what a joy she is.

Will Babs ever be able to be hugged and squished and kissed..... Er, maybe not! She a very independent girl, she WILL give kisses, she will sit on a lap, but when she feels happy to so do.

Babs doesn't like other cats, trust me, if she did, I would have adopted her months ago! She must be the only kitty. She must have a new home where her new mum or dad is happy to let her settle, and just be. The reward in this little girl will just be amazing, if someone will just give her that chance, and see through her first few weeks of uncertainty. She's not nasty, at all. She's just worried initially.

Babs needs a home. She will flourish. She's about 5-8 years old. She wouldn't suit a home with any children, as she is so "dramatic" when she's announcing she's sad or scared.

We love her, so very much. Could you love her too? Have you the perfect, peaceful, happy, calm, home she could only wish for? If so, please do message us. Thank you xx