Hello, My name is Autumn.
I recently came into care as a long term stray. But clearly I had a home at some point.
I was in a very sorry state I weighed just 2.7kg and I was all bald on my tummy and other places from a severe flea allergy.
I had been sleeping in a garden for many weeks.
Paws and Mittens took me in, made sure I didn't have an owner looking for me (maybe they passed away? Maybe they moved and left me?) and got me the vet care I needed and gave me the love I needed, and crave.
I am about 10 years young.
I am the sweetest of girls, though I am a "typical" girlie cat at first meets with strangers and can swear a little bit, but it's just because I am scared of new people. I soon come around and purr and purr and fuss Even the vet, who gave me a HUGE check over said what a lovely girl I am.
I don't think, just yet, I like picking up and cuddling, but I do love a little fuss, and a comfy sofa and my dinner of course I love the attention and people around me.
I DO need a dental, my teeth are a little sore, and I am having my dental on the 4th November with Paws and Mittens.
I had my side shaved and Paws could 95% see I have been spayed in the past.
During my dental work I will also be micro-chipped.
I am now of course fully up to date on flea and worm treatments and after a steroid injection and flea treatment, nearly all my fur on my Tummy is back! I look so much better and feel so much better!
I am fully litter trained and have no accidents at all.
I will be ready for a new home after around the 20th November 2022, after I have recovered from my dental.
I do need a home as the only cat. I am also not dog tested.
I would suit a very quiet home, and I don't think Id like young children thank you. Just a quiet home I can sleep all day and have all the love and care I need.
I do like outside, so would like a home with outside access once I am settled, away from any busy main roads or train tracks.
I make my foster mummy laugh every day as I'm such a funny little character! I'm very vocal to greet her!
Have you the perfect home for me to retire to please?
I'm currently in foster care in Harwich, Essex.
If so, please MESSAGE Paws and tell them all about you and the home you could offer me, including your location (postcode) please.
A Home-check applies on all adoptions and Paws would kindly ask an adoption donation of £75.
Thank you, if you can't adopt me, maybe you could share me on your wall? I'd LOVE to be back in a home for Christmas,
Lots of love,
NB: This IS my happy face!! I KNOW I look grumpy, its the happiest face I can do! Its happy, I promise!